Sul Serio

by Poetry

I had a friend
               who used to inject
ink straight
into his arteries
                              black tracks
               running up his arms;

                              dead now,
               of course – no one lives like that;
                              barely call it living

black ink
               I remember – always
black ink

                              i asked him about it
               once when he was high & I was drunk
               he studied the barmaid for a while
watched her jeans & shoulders
                              & said

                                                            I just want
                                                            to be taken

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instead of simply grazing
the surface of your breasts in desperation
& could overcome their wild passions
for the logic & mathematics of poetry
or the campaign of ecstasy I execute
as Thanatos delivering your body

The Grand Western

I don’t remember much of the days we spent together, roaming a water’s edge, watching black summer storms rolling in across the ocean; I remember Guitar Hero was my seduction, like clutching buttons too tightly was a sign of things to come;...

Showing Off The Furnace (Dream 14)

I dreamed that I walked in the ashes of the Third World War. I’d taken up smoking as soon as the first missile flew and Ireland split apart to reveal the children of a special friendship that went a little too far and a thousand primed heads pointed towards the moon....

Recall Reflections

when I come to know
or understand who he is
I will cease to write of John Carey (and,
laying my pen down
at the graveside of
that simple, difficult, unhappy man