Sul Serio

by Poetry

I had a friend
               who used to inject
ink straight
into his arteries
                              black tracks
               running up his arms;

                              dead now,
               of course – no one lives like that;
                              barely call it living

black ink
               I remember – always
black ink

                              i asked him about it
               once when he was high & I was drunk
               he studied the barmaid for a while
watched her jeans & shoulders
                              & said

                                                            I just want
                                                            to be taken

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You’re in my fingers and I can’t get you out; I can smell you. Warm & wet & dreaming - every time I push a key, you come curling out smoke in good light given form – not human, something else; an angel, if I believed in angels; a devil if I could believe sin...

Loch Earn

had I known, then? arriving
the breeze come burning
& guiding mighty storms from seas
I knew come shuddering drugs
& clenched the teeth to bite
the sleeping waters

On the Bird’s Wings

I find it impossible to write you poetry;
dense, leaden, eyes like mine that strain


Wooden fingertips of electricity puncturing the heavy mist, the mist that doesn’t dance from molecule to molecule, the mist that doesn’t spread like wildfire, the mist that doesn’t expand like the crackle of napalm, but is slow, pregnant and mute, the mist that weeps...