Sul Serio

by Poetry

I had a friend
               who used to inject
ink straight
into his arteries
                              black tracks
               running up his arms;

                              dead now,
               of course – no one lives like that;
                              barely call it living

black ink
               I remember – always
black ink

                              i asked him about it
               once when he was high & I was drunk
               he studied the barmaid for a while
watched her jeans & shoulders
                              & said

                                                            I just want
                                                            to be taken

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I can’t get the camera to focus. All the streetlights are stretched from Heaven to Hell; they make it impossible to see. The sky pants to itself, desperate, behind the yellow flowers, starved, and crucified on the grass, thirsty, beneath the splintered lights, waiting...

Upon the Poet, in His 25th Year

Let it be no calmer in your hands; time enough
for the calm, the warmth and the cold in the grove…


cigarettes & two words –
le bel! Le bel!
shouted over the water, momentary
madness our bondage
freed in chains, exultation free in
passionate strings;

After the Parasites Came

I draw my grandfather’s lungs in charcoal spit the fluid in his throat; tremor in art as is the shaking hands when he goes to lift the tea to his lips. Making leaves in old mugs transferred to sipping cups and the brief illumination of the body...