River Desire

by Poetry

creations bare bones
now fresh frost curves nudity
living silken suit

sky heaves as life leaves
tense and laboured atmosphere
ice rolls and rises

our souls rise steaming
endless joyous crashing waves
in the Atlantic

clouds slip and steady
hesitant steps on the sky
clasping smoky hands

magpies in the dawn
stretched feathers crack ice from wings
nights grip distant dream

gossamer chainmail
locking linking clicking leaves
bare branches of trees

white clenched grassy fists
knuckles shudder violent
cracked skin dewy blood

blue-white smoke wraps bricks
chokes and releases the day
from the traps of homes

rivers whisper break
a crusaders fractured still
ancient collapsing

the breeze breaks its bones
endless scaffolding and stone
cruel mountains and coves

cities fill slowly
coffee boiling fat love salt
rivers of desire

rivers of desire 
flooded night drips from the walls
bodies in gutters

engines in the towns
growl into life shuddering
find themselves alive

ice tossed across roads
turning ragged edges sharp
life to diamond

artistry reveals
icy brilliant painting
on our windowpanes

suddenly drowning
shivering to be alive
rise and feel it all

rise from the silence
the roaring cacophony
of my endless dreams

all the lust and dawn
you; more beautiful than frost
freeze river desire

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Carey Poet
Carey Poet

La Fleur est Belle

the flower fought growth
I don’t know if you knew that
reluctant to let some mother enter it’s body
terrified of god taking Root amongst the leaves
turned its face from the sun
swore to photosynthesise in the dark


Terrifying, how much poetry   one can find, if you look      in the right graves.  Ezra show me nightmares needed to understand the beauty of poetry / the soul of verse and I will dream them;under northern clouds, I will dream the rare beauty of a clear night sky...


Progression will not be found in the holy, the holy, the holy nothing will be found in the holy as we are holy, as we decry the soul is a fingertip of the holy, the holy is not the soul, the soul is man and woman and base and growing and shrivelling and a rotten petal...


The mirror haunts me and turns my words to air, my love to grey light that starves, burns, screams beneath red-hot fluorescence. Madonna; can I pretend to love and know these love poems in my rotten pancreas? Can I pretend that this sudden obsession has the merest...