by Poetry

lynched between the library & addictions
Miller exploded in me again; all God suddenly
eternal in the world

                                         she couldn’t answer
                                         she was the language

holy thoughts come rising in
the sinner’s chest; surrendered saintliness
to God in the night

                                          she couldn’t answer
                                         from within your thighs
                                     or I couldn’t hear her

as a natural sinner, as a manufactured
evil I
found passions,
hopes of redemption stronger
than a gentler path of

wounds sharper
erections stronger &
joys infinite if
spiralling regret – like chasers to weak drinkers

Miller always hits me hard. Even when the drinking doesn’t work anymore, & I can’t get anywhere near hot, & all the bone-chills come on when I’m out of pills & needles & all that shit. I could give up every drug & never drink again, I think, if only Miller would roll in the back of my head & drown my ears & eyes & leave his sickly, holy taste upon my tongue.

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modern poetry

River Desire

creations bare bones
now fresh frost curves nudity
living silken suit
sky heaves as life leaves
tense and laboured atmosphere
ice rolls and rises

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