So, you guys remember ‘Albert Docks’? That mini-trilogy of poetry I did a couple of weeks ago, which has earned me world-wide acclaim and thrown me into the spotlight and I will forever go down in the history books as a rival to Shakespeare, Eliot, Poe and Johnny Tornado? Or did that just happen in a nightmare/bottling-up-of-my-desperate-desire-for-acclaim-even-as-I-actively-hate-the-very-idea-daydream?

Anywho, rather than spreading it out around town, like a brazen hussie (is that too dated a term? Do people still say hussie?), I’ve collated it into a handy little PDF, with a swanky new cover (which you should be able to see below) and everything!

Albert Docks Cover-page-001I might upload it to Smashwords, or some other eBook site soon; though I can’t imagine Smashwords boasting an incredible underground poetry scene, so I also might not.
Anyway, here it is, for your perusal (or repeated perusal, if you are one of the few who read it previously) – Albert Docks!

Thanks for reading guys and, as always, I’m incredibly open to feedback! In fact, I’m not just open; I actively encourage it!