The Moth

by Poetry

Lit by the dulling drunks,
& lonely matches,
a moth climbed the shadows;
thought of you,
thoughts of me, so
far away now;

How your light came breaking
through the me of being me;
How soon I became a moth,
desperate in your darkness,
fleeing only the shapes
of things to come.

Furious, & high, & hating it, I
resolved to get clean; I limped to the
carnevale, beneath burning ferris wheel,
spinning past the mad dancing & screaming all
to the LEDs in their ears;
& glittering demon guards indulged
in All Star & mockery &
other works, & I
disposed of my being and bodies in
the general waste; non-recyclable;
broke the spoon – abandoned oblivion
in separate bins; snapped all
the needles & buried them
in the linings of my boots – if
I can’t get high,
no one will.

I walked for three hours,
dodging fluorescent tripwires, landmines that
wavered & shuddered in the dark;
mad hands reaching out from mass-produced
birth canals – I walked until the nightmares
now pleasures
vomited fields, & tents, & innocent people
distracting themselves just for
a few days at a time – I walked until
Hell faded away.

I returned, beneath the banners
of suicide-finally-cum-finality,
the Moth
had crawled inside & exuded its own
light curving
a perfect body; had crawled
inside & found my light
was fiction – a writer’s tool; a trick of the moon; crawled
inside & found no light but, instead,
seemed desperate
to revel
in the darkness
it found there.

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Carey Poet
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on certain nights
when there was no hope
& all the radio stations played
Bela Lugosi’s Dead
on repeat
stretched out the chained drums


there are those, I discovered late, who were not born
loathing their bodies
whose faces grew from their souls, & were not stamped
upon a skull with little care

Finding Life Prosaic

fingers bleeding prosaic, money
to clog arteries and veins,
to quell the rise and flow of


it would be nice I think it would be nice
to pretend that all this pain is purely for you
romantic in our fucked up way how fucked we
have always been it comes now to romance
and something like love truth is
I was hurting & hurting myself