The Burden

I haven’t been around for a while. I’ve been writing. I’ve gone to university and drank and earned a Masters degree in writing and performed poetry to empty rooms. It hasn’t got me anywhere. It hasn’t earned me anything yet, except a lust for something more. Still, the advantage of being away is that I have dozens of narratives, hundreds of poem and a hell of a lot more ready to be fine tuned into something of worth.

The Burden is one such narrative.

What Is The Burden?

The novella follows Robert Amuigh as he comes to The Cover for J.W. Carey's The Burden novellaterms with his brother’s death. It was only when I was around halfway through the thing that I realised it shared a great deal in terms of themes with Albert Camus’ The Outsider (not to flatter myself or anything).

In essence, the narrative is one that deals with the idea of mental illness and its treatment, where that leaves the treated afterwards and at what point does the treatment itself outweigh the effects of the ‘illness’ to begin with.

Why Did I Write The Burden?

Essentially, I have issues with the way that mental illness is portrayed, particularly amongst the medical community. It irritates me that people seem to think it is something that can be gotten rid off. It irritates me that we need to be strung out on medication for the rest of our lives just to smile, and that isn’t the truth about depression or any other form of mental illness at all.

And then, there is the idea that some people aren’t depressed, they are just miserable (or different) and that they need to be treated with medication. There are those who live their depression and live it in such a way that it has become so integral to their lives and personalities that the two are impossible to distinguish.

What if someone was born depressed? What if they’ve come looking for a world sweeter and more aflame than the one they’ve found? Are we then tampering with the sorry person’s very being if we supply them with mind altering drugs?

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