Originally, the piece of work that grew into Mychandra was due to be sent off to a few friends of mine who were looking for submissions to a short story collection. As tends to happen a lot these days, I quickly realised that it would be far too long to submit so I turned it into another free eBook instead. I’d say this is a much, much more accessible piece of writing than anything I’ve done before.

There’s more of a focus, particularly early on, on communication whereas most of my writing takes place within the head. Strange really, considering this piece of writing has a lot to do with mental issues. The focus of the character on the external world, with so much going on in his internal world, was a deliberate choice and I think it comes across rather well.

What Is Mychandra?J.W. Carey's Mychandra eBook Cover

Essentially, Mychandra follows five days in the life of a man who suffers from a mental illness of the same name. He tries to seek treatment, and goes about his daily life in small-town England. Again, this is heavily drawn from personal events as inspiration, but it’s a lot more open, I feel, than the writing I’ve done before.

I think the theme of insanity is an interesting one, particularly when combined with the absurd, and it’s one I’ll definitely be revisiting in the near future. I did well, I think, to keep it as short as I did, though one criticism might be that it ends a little abruptly.

Why Did I Write Mychandra?

I’ve always found any kind of duality interesting; I think most people do. What interests me more however, is the idea of a dual identity as an excuse for certain behaviour – as a kind of justification for anything and everything. It was that I wanted to explore in Mychandra; the idea that, although a duality may be medical or psychological, or event just made up, it can still work to present a different identity.

Anyway, a criticism might be that there isn’t enough of a difference between the two identities (if they can be considered separate identities) but I think that is one of the major points of the indie eBook.

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