by Poetry

you wonder what fates have brought us here      I can see it in your eyes
& I strangle laughter in my throat      knowing fate is a strange bed
& one in which I have never dared to sleep      I sleep too calmly now to be tortured by fate
chance makes the pillows & the bedclothes      & luck dares to admire your silhouette

had I been well, or even wealthy      would my body have settled here
I wonder; would my lips still dare to part      or come to breathe some sad excuse
holding only the clutter of pigeons      when I longed to weep a sparrow’s cry

had I the talent, the credit score      would we still be here in this wild hotel
with our legs entwined & our flesh burning      from each other’s Tartarus
would you have come to settle      upon the crook of my arm
if your other lovers traced      lovely fingers over your heart

instead of simply grazing      the surface of your breasts in desperation
& could overcome their wild passions      for the logic & mathematics of poetry
or the campaign of ecstasy I execute      as Thanatos delivering your body
to chains of his own design

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Terrifying, how much poetry   one can find, if you look      in the right graves.  Ezra show me nightmares needed to understand the beauty of poetry / the soul of verse and I will dream them;under northern clouds, I will dream the rare beauty of a clear night sky...

Pietà: A Poem

In numerous stolen night terrors, the blonde Venetian woman of the stars sits alone, a crowd of herself spread across a red and white dancefloor tablecloth. Bottles of vino make spirited advances and spear the air with alcohol intent and she dreams to breathe them in...

After the Parasites Came

I draw my grandfather’s lungs in charcoal spit the fluid in his throat; tremor in art as is the shaking hands when he goes to lift the tea to his lips. Making leaves in old mugs transferred to sipping cups and the brief illumination of the body...

Where’s the A, huh?

is your ragged calendar marked? some
black date crucified where I first began
to lie to you?
Or was I honest & numb &
you chose a face to fit your dreams & pre-