La Fleur est Belle

by Poetry

the flower fought growth      I don’t know if you knew that
reluctant to let some mother enter it’s body
terrified of god taking Root amongst the leaves
turned its face from the sun      swore to photosynthesise in the dark
a public declaration      shivering hairs cower fragments
the old-testament god in the flower      an interrogator revealing
by bruises & jump leads      the spilling of Pulp revealing
records of children; their fists full of grass      fingernail lacerations revealing
how unworthy the flower is of the very name flower

when the rivers rise, the flower sees itself & its malformation
clear waters apply no filters      & how the flower comes to loathe its name
in the beauty of the other flowers      shoulders squared against the dying days
how the flower loathes its name      & comes to judge its form
how its leaves were the weak leaves      how its stem bent & crooked
ungainly growths to repel halves      & make even masturbation a fantasy
how its petals shrouded in monochrome      drowning sun revealing
thin veins      fat desires & demands
wasted light      to grow diminutive things
that only come to know life as I have come to know life
burning in the moments of your shadow passing over
& sick flower self-sickness learned as I have learned
to breathe & to grow even while starving &
starved of you

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cigarettes & two words –
le bel! Le bel!
shouted over the water, momentary
madness our bondage
freed in chains, exultation free in
passionate strings;


Wooden fingertips of electricity puncturing the heavy mist, the mist that doesn’t dance from molecule to molecule, the mist that doesn’t spread like wildfire, the mist that doesn’t expand like the crackle of napalm, but is slow, pregnant and mute, the mist that weeps...

The Tudor

Presented without comment, dedicated to memories and dreams. Such a strong vulnerability; like moonlight on the lighter as you try another cigarette, hoping, this time, to burn outin smoke and spittle the pure body of art; My beauties bled from between my lipsmixed...

Loch Earn

had I known, then? arriving
the breeze come burning
& guiding mighty storms from seas
I knew come shuddering drugs
& clenched the teeth to bite
the sleeping waters