Broken Polemic

The Broken Polemic series is my more experimental kind of writing. It was the first serious piece of writing that I ever really attempted and, to be honest, committed to finishing. Before then, my computer was filled with scraps of the occasional short story that was in desperate need of editing and not really much else.

Although I started the Broken Polemic at university, I didn’t start it with my course in mind. Eventually, I did end up using the bare bones of it to finish my final portfolio project. Now, I’d say that I approached each entry into the series like it was a covering a particular theme, which seemed obvious to everyone else at first besides me.

Where Did Broken Polemic Come From?

I remember that I wanted to argue something, anything really, but that I didn’t honestly know what I wanted to argue in favour of or against. Fortunately, the world’s never been short of things to make me absolutely furious. I also had the idea that, as half-formed as I was (as I am), I could never really achieve the idea of a full polemic until I reached a certain point; until I was fully-formed.

Now I know that being fully-formed is probably the worst thing that could happen to anyone, I don’t doubt that the Broken Polemic is probably the best title that I could have found for it – even if it does sound a little pretentious to a lot of people.

Are You Happy With These Pieces Of Writing?

Looking back, I wish I’d written them to be a little more accessible, with a little less superiority. I don’t think that it was a mistake to write them in such a way though. In terms of narrative voice, I think it works extremely well at presenting the character who acts as, essentially, a voice to express discontent.

When it comes to the character, I also think it’s worth mentioning that I don’t expect you to love him or them or it. As I decided to somewhat ignore narrative, the progress through the short pieces of writing can be fairly slow for many people, though each one is between 20,000 and 30,000 words long – a good size, I think, for a free eBook.

When Will The Broken Polemic Be Finished?

This is a series that, at the minute, I don’t really have any intention to end this series. I wrote the first two within the space of about a year, but as I’ve been working more on other forms of writing (and now have a day job to contend with) progress has been extremely slow on the 3rd entry. I hope to have the 3rd book in the series completed before the end of the year.

Over the years, I hope to add to this collection, so that I can look back and see how I’ve grown – I want my evolution (if that’s what’s happening) to be a visible, public thing.

As these pieces are fairly experimental and, for a lot of people, will be uninteresting and inaccessible, I never have any intention to charge any potential readers for these pieces of writing.

Adjective Narcissism The Cover of J.W. Carey's Adjective Narcissism - a toilet cubicle in Wigan

I wrote Adjective Narcissism as an attempt to show people what it was like through my eyes. Perhaps the character isn’t completely honest to myself, but there is some intellectual and emotional honesty there. Maybe he’s a caricature of me, me taken to extremes. Anyway, it’s actually based on real events around the time that I was starting to realise how, essentially, self-obsessed and narcissistic I would have to be if I ever hoped to make it as a writer.

God Metaphor

Cover of J.W. Carey's God Metaphor eBook - A cross held in a toilet cubicleAgain, God Metaphor didn’t really have too much of a focus on narrative, but it was around the time that I was attempting to free myself up a little, creatively, and to write about what I wanted to write; to say what I felt I needed to say. I’d say it is a little more accessible than its predecessor, but as the narrative again isn’t really conventional it can be difficult to get through. Whereas the previous entry was focused more on my personal self-obsession, this took it one step further and worked to find the links between an author and God.

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